UKME is responsible for managing a large-scale luxury food preparation service. Our highly capable catering team is geared towards satisfying clients’ individual needs and appetites providing international cuisine, with an emphasis on Arabic, Indian, Iranian and Chinese cooking.

We employ an expert team of dynamic culinary specialists to whom the provision of unprecedented catering delight is the ultimate measure of professional success.

Attitude is key; positivity and a can-do attitude are crucial.

The working environment is unique and demanding; think the highest possible hotel standards, tailored to individual households who are accustomed to and expect nothing less than the best.

We pride ourselves on exceeding these exacting expectations.

The catering and kitchen staff are central to the clients’ experience of a 6 star service. Preparing and presenting the most extravagant dishes imaginable, creating the most exquisite dining events; no two days will be alike.

If you would like to join a diverse team that elevates food and beverage service to an art form, please view our vacancies: 



VIP clients with impeccable taste in cars have impeccable taste in drivers. With more than 20 years experience of transporting our clients' from A to B in the lap of luxury, we take pride in providing the smoothest ride possible - whether that be in a Mercedes S class, V class, BMW 7 Series, Range Rover or Bentley.

Our clients expect the crème de la crème when travelling. An automotive experience can only be truly enjoyed using chauffeurs with the requisite levels of skill and discretion. 

Together with a dedicated team of logistics staff, air cargo and courier services, we ensure rapid and safe transit; 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Exemplary geographical knowledge is a prerequisite for all our drivers, particularly Central London. Everyone takes pride in their ability to effortlessly navigate a course that guarantees the most efficient and comfortable journey for our clients.  

Flexible working is essential, both in terms of hours and the ability to adapt and incorporate new plans into daily responsibilities. Every driver is more than a chauffeur or a logistics specialist; they transform entire itineraries into graceful journeys.

We regularly recruit experienced chauffeurs, van drivers and motorbike couriers with a background in luxury travel to join our logistics team, either on a permanent basis or during the peak summer months of June through to September.

If you are excited by the prospect of driving vehicles for premium clients - and problem solving the greatest logistical challenges - then please get in touch: 



World-class thoroughbred horses require expert care, and the stables are the cornerstone of our clients’ luxury recreational and sporting activities. Our staff are not only extensively knowledgeable about horses, but endlessly passionate too; they pride themselves on keeping the horses happy and healthy, and our clients happy and safe.

World leading facilities enable a host of equestrian pastimes; everything from relaxed hacking, carriage driving and polocrosse to the excitement of cross-country jumping. 

An enthusiasm for teaching is essential. The coaching skills of our staff are developed as they spend time with our clients, creating an enjoyable learning environment, whether it be in the context of formal riding lessons or hosting gymkhana games with clients.

Safety is of the utmost importance. All grooms are fully trained in first aid and receive weekly training from specialist British Horse Society (BHS) instructors in order to achieve BHS and other relevant qualifications. Working with horses can require long hours, but for the right candidate this will be as enjoyable as it is demanding.

An extensive uniform allows all grooms to be fully prepared and excellently presented for any eventuality. Benefits include live-in accommodation and the occasional equestrian event.

Our aim is to ensure that the relationship between our clients and their horses is a mutually beneficial one; if you can guarantee a passion for sharing and enhancing our clients' enthusiasm for equestrian activities, then please view our vacancies: 



The gardening department provides a bespoke horticultural maintenance service, beautifying and shaping our clients’ grounds to a high aesthetic standard all year round.

Turning their exquisitely green fingers to everything from sumptuous country estates to more compact domestic gardens, our team of gardeners and landscapers specialise in expansive yet intricate annual bedding displays in impressive formal gardens.  

To achieve the highest standards, our gardening department has access to a wide range of modern equipment and machinery. This enables our teams to keep our landscapes looking stunning all year round. 

Staff work with pleached avenues, parterre borders, extensive topiary collections, large manicured lawns, walled gardens, greenhouses, water features and maintained woodlands. In other words, for any passionate gardener, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to tend to the gardens of your dreams in stunning environments.

The gardening department comprises of a head gardener, gardening supervisors, team leaders and gardeners. We also recruit gardeners and garden labourers on seasonal contracts; if permanent positions become available we encourage applications from seasonal staff.

We look for gardeners who approach the hard work required as a labour of love and find reward in the fruits of their endeavours. Those who instinctively seek to craft beauty from nature will be best placed to satisfy our exacting clients’ requirements. If you would like to find out more, please view our vacancies: 



Our clients are accustomed to a 6-star service wherever they stay. At home, they expect hotel-level dedication to exemplary service, but with a tailor-made personal touch that goes above and beyond.

All members of our varied and dynamic housekeeping and laundry team have the utmost personal commitment to exacting standards and professionalism.

They take pleasure in their work and pleasure from others’ enjoyment of it.  Above all, they relish the responsibility inherent in being integral to the smooth functioning of complex - and often highly luxurious - households, while at the same time demonstrating an ability to recognise the importance of politeness and discretion to our clients.

We regularly recruit housekeepers and laundry staff on a permanent and seasonal basis to work in prime central London properties, luxury homes and country estates across the UK.

Our housekeepers perform an integral role to maintaining an exemplary standard of cleanliness, keeping properties in a ‘state of high readiness’ for client arrivals. Acting as a trusted member of our team, they are responsible for all aspects of managing a luxury property from cleaning and washing, administration of suppliers and contractors, to meeting the unique needs of our clients.

Attention to detail, efficiency and precision are key skills within the laundry department and a key part of the 6-star service that we provide.  

Suitable applicants will be those who are able to deliver hospitality industry perfection without compromising on the comforting details that make a house a home. Please view our vacancies to find out more: 



The demands of our high net-worth clients are similarly exacting when it comes to meeting their IT and communications needs. Our staff are challenged to handle day-to-day IT infrastructure requests with ease, to be endlessly responsive and to tackle any task instantly – no matter how complex – without breaking stride.

Our clients' estates require custom-made networks and tech that places them at the forefront of cutting-edge telecoms and entertainment innovations. We harness the most powerful equipment available to enable our clients to maximise their technology performance.  


We develop pioneering solutions in a wide range of environments using recognised industry products. In addition to providing hands-on support of Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange, Citrix and VMware, we have an impeccable track record of delivering projects across all technologies, along with networking and routing in a multi-site environment – particularly using HP ProCurve.

We think laterally to deliver vanguard solutions that make the impossible possible for our clients. In a world where nothing is untouched by IT, we aim to make ourselves utterly indispensable. If you would be interested in joining us, please view our current vacancies: 



Luxury properties of all sizes require exacting maintenance teams to keep them flawlessly operational. Our accomplished engineers sustain and develop the integrity of their extensive infrastructures.

Our team is highly adaptable as the work is varied, ranging from replacing a tap washer to building a new stable block. Our clients often have highly specific requirements particular to their lifestyles; on any given day members of our team can find themselves working on plantrooms, chillers, AHUs, pump systems, or swimming pools and Jacuzzi plants. They have to be fully prepared to tackle any electrical or plumbing work.

Our staff include BMS engineers, Gas Safe engineers, painters and decorators, maintenance assistants, mechanical engineers & stores assistants.

We’re always on the lookout for personnel with the ability to complete work on time, on budget and with impeccable attention to detail. 

Employees receive extensive training in their specialist areas to develop their skill-set and ensure they are fully compliant and up-to-date with changing regulations. If you take pride in completing your handiwork to the highest standard, please view our current vacancies: