Our clients are accustomed to a 6-star service wherever they stay. At home, they expect hotel-level dedication to exemplary service, but with a tailor-made personal touch that goes above and beyond.

All members of our varied and dynamic housekeeping and laundry team have the utmost personal commitment to exacting standards and professionalism.

They take pleasure in their work and pleasure from others’ enjoyment of it.  Above all, they relish the responsibility inherent in being integral to the smooth functioning of complex - and often highly luxurious - households, while at the same time demonstrating an ability to recognise the importance of politeness and discretion to our clients.

We regularly recruit housekeepers and laundry staff on a permanent and seasonal basis to work in prime central London properties, luxury homes and country estates across the UK.

Our housekeepers perform an integral role to maintaining an exemplary standard of cleanliness, keeping properties in a ‘state of high readiness’ for client arrivals. Acting as a trusted member of our team, they are responsible for all aspects of managing a luxury property from cleaning and washing, administration of suppliers and contractors, to meeting the unique needs of our clients.

Attention to detail, efficiency and precision are key skills within the laundry department and a key part of the 6-star service that we provide.  

Suitable applicants will be those who are able to deliver hospitality industry perfection without compromising on the comforting details that make a house a home. Please view our vacancies to find out more: