The gardening department provides a bespoke horticultural maintenance service, beautifying and shaping our clients’ grounds to a high aesthetic standard all year round.

Turning their exquisitely green fingers to everything from sumptuous country estates to more compact domestic gardens, our team of gardeners and landscapers specialise in expansive yet intricate annual bedding displays in impressive formal gardens.  

To achieve the highest standards, our gardening department has access to a wide range of modern equipment and machinery. This enables our teams to keep our landscapes looking stunning all year round. 

Staff work with pleached avenues, parterre borders, extensive topiary collections, large manicured lawns, walled gardens, greenhouses, water features and maintained woodlands. In other words, for any passionate gardener, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to tend to the gardens of your dreams in stunning environments.

The gardening department comprises of a head gardener, gardening supervisors, team leaders and gardeners. We also recruit gardeners and garden labourers on seasonal contracts; if permanent positions become available we encourage applications from seasonal staff.

We look for gardeners who approach the hard work required as a labour of love and find reward in the fruits of their endeavours. Those who instinctively seek to craft beauty from nature will be best placed to satisfy our exacting clients’ requirements. If you would like to find out more, please view our vacancies: